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Design: Intelligence Made Visible by Stephen Bayley and Terence Conran (Hardcover - Sep 14, 2007)
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Design ~ Design
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TENDENCIES OF PROGRESS OF WEB-DESIGN. Tendencies in website design are one of the claimed objects of analysis. Variety of approaches to a design, presence of universally recognized(or, opposite, debatable) reference points and enough bright dynamic constantly throw up new food to analysts for reflections. The Internet, especially Russian-speaking, develops quickly, and the clear understanding of current tendencies, allowing to do prognoses with the high stake of exactness (at least, in short- and medium-term periods), are able to become a serious competitive advantage - both for enterprises, engaged in providing business-processes in Network, and for companies, only beginning to search their user in the Internet yet.

Designing a Good Website for Non-Web designers. The Internet is home to a large portion of today's market in almost all sectors. The only way to reach this market is by putting up websites that sell out a company's products or services. Web design can be summarized as the setting up of a website by linking together various related web pages. Two concepts come to play in web design. These are the content or information contained in the website and the presentation method of the content. It is thus important to find a balance between the two so that the site features both in complimenting measures...
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Excellent Free Blogger Templates and eCommerce Templates. Trying to find marvelous blogger templates however pulling your hair in exasperation? Seeing the same old ones being used again and again? Having gone through the same in looking for blogger themes, we understand what you're on the lookout for! And there are only a small handful of wonderful blogger templates on the internet. We know yours must be different!...
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Using stock pictures for creative design. We must admit that no matter if it is stock photography, fashion photography or amateur photography, the process of taking a photo is in itself a creative process and also a technical issued one. But for the creativity that is all put together from various stock images there can be turned into a true creative design...
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Vacations, journeys, fun... Each year we dream of, are looking forward to, plan and finally get holiday. No doubt we seem to be unlike and thus we also display various tastes. There are people that are incapable of imagining a holiday not having blue sea, sand, palms, warm climate and getting tanned...
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